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NovaFood S.r.l.s. is an Italian food company specialized in the marketing of savoury snacks made with 100% Italian natural food products. The company is made up of a team of enthusiastic entrepreneurs who are passionate about 100% Made in Italy food.

After careful research, today it is possible to taste the traditional Crusco Peppers from Basilicata (Southern Italy) with a completely new look. Cruskees®, our first savoury non-spicy snack in the form of chips, will promote the flavor of the ancient Lucanian gastronomic tradition in Italy and around the world.

The Origins


The origins of Crusco peppers, well-known as the “red gold of Basilicata” date back to the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries when this plant spread to Lucanian territory and found the optimal conditions for growth. Over time, subsequent selections were made, which made this pepper different from all others in both form and taste: The shape can be in the form of a goat’s horn, pointed, truncated or hooked

The product


Not to be overlooked are its sweet note, its small size and very thin flesh. The pepper has an intense purple red color and the peduncle is so attached to the rest of the vegetable that it also resists during the drying phase.

Thanks to this peculiarity, it is easy to produce the typical serte, that is the strings of peppers of about 2 metres long, which are exposed to the sun and to the air for drying.

When the pepper has about 10% of its water content left, it is ready to be eaten or to be fried, which enriches its flavour.

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